About Ride

Ride has a group of talented and committed instructors. Our professionally trained and certified indoor-cycling coaches bring their own style, energy and flair to classes. No matter what class you’re in, our instructors are there to help you get through the ride and get closer to your goals. Be prepared to work hard while jamming to a huge variety of good tunes.

Our riders come from all walks of life, all ages and backgrounds, but they are all dedicated to challenging themselves. Some come to improve their pace, master a hill climb or prepare for the outdoors, and others just come to blow off steam after the work day.

We all understand that you get what you put into your ride. 

There will be great music, great class companions, and a great structure to get you there. Pick your goal and come along for the ride!

– Frequently Asked Questions –

What makes Ride Cyclery different?

Ride Cyclery offers a fun, non-competitive, respectful and inclusive atmosphere to ride and work towards your goals. We are committed to providing exceptional fitness services in a community setting. Our indoor cycling classes are NOT only for experienced riders. Our classes are designed and coached for riders of all fitness levels. We offer engaging and challenging workouts for all fitness levels and our classes will keep you wanting more!


How does the wait list work?

When a class is full we recommend that you add yourself to the wait list. If and when a bike opens up, those on the wait list will be notified first. 

If a bike opens up, riders who are on the wait list receive an an email within the four hours prior to the start of the class. You must confirm your reservation before you will be added to the class.

If you cancel after you’ve confirmed, you will lose your spot in the class. 

Payment is required to hold your spot on the wait list. If a spot does not open up in your desired class, a credit for that class will be applied to your account to be used for a later ride. 



Where is Ride Cyclery located?

Ride Cyclery is a tiny little spot that only people in the know, know about. We are located at 410 Bank Street between Gladstone Ave. and Florence St.

The studio is best accessed via Florence St. where you’ll see our sign on the wall.  Follow the arrow past Florence Street Dental until you approach the parking lot behind the building. Keep walking until you see the bright blue door, pop it open and continue down the stairs, there will be another door that will lead you to our common area. If a class is in progress, please have a seat in the common area. 

Ride Cyclery does not have a front desk, nor administrative staff onsite. Please make sure to introduce yourself to the instructor when you enter the class. If you have any questions, please direct them to the instructors who will be able to help you or please feel free to contact us at ContactUs@ridecyclery.ca 


What is MindBody?

MindBody is our electronic schedule and payment system.

When you are ready to purchase a package and book into a scheduled class, the website will pop you out into MindBody for the transaction.

Before heading to the Online Store to purchase your class, make sure you select the class(es) of your choosing by clicking on the Indoor Cycling / Boxing tab at the top of the MindBody page.

Once you have found the class(es), click on the Sign Up Now button.

The Login Page will appear, enter your information or create a new account if this is your first time using MindBody.

If you are registering for a Double-Up Session make sure to go back and add the second class date/time and then proceed to check out. MindBody accepts Visa and MasterCard for payment and will register you in your classes. 


How do I prepare for class?

Hydrate: Be sure to drink lots of water before, during and after your ride.

Snack: It’s important to have a light snack 30 minutes before class. We do not recommend that riders ride on an empty stomach. 

Gear: Be prepared to sweat! We recommend that you wear comfortable, breathable fitness attire and use bike shoes with clips or stiff-soled gym shoes. Many of your riders also use heart rate monitors. Monitors are not mandatory but can be very useful when trying to achieve specific training goals.

What is the cancellation policy?

At Ride Cyclery we understand that life happens and that occasionally you might not be able to attend your scheduled ride. If you need to cancel, please log in to Mind Body four hours prior to the start of the class to do so.

Session riders who provide a minimum of four hours’ notice prior to cancelling will be granted a ‘make-up ride’ that can be used over the course of the session in any class that has an available bike.

How do I register for classes?

Registration for all sessions and classes is done online through MindBody. MindBody can be accessed by clicking on the schedule page or the reserve your bike button at the top of each page. To create your MindBody profile:

  1. Click on the Sign Up link. You can either login through Facebook or enter your information manually. Make sure to enter all your information so we will be able to properly identify you.
  2. Pick the type of class you would like to sign up for and go to the corresponding tab on the top of the MindBody page. 
  3. Select the session/class you would like to sign up for and click the Sign Up button.
  4. Use MindBody’s secure and easy to use checkout system to pay for your selections. There is even an option to store your encrypted credit card information to make future transactions even easier. 


What should I expect if it’s my first indoor cycling class?

Arrival: It’s important that you arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class so the instructor can get you properly set up on the bike and go over the hand movements and other techniques specific to indoor cycling. 

Class: Instructors begin each class with a warm-up that includes bike set-up, upper-body stretches and an overview of the class profile. They’ll also let yo know what you can expect. During the ride, you will be working hard for 45 minutes, as you focus on your pedal stroke and position, as you work towards your fitness goals. Classes will end with a cool down on and off the bike.

Departure: Please let the instructor know if you have any questions or concerns, and they will be more than happy to help you. While our cycling programs are designed for people of all ages and fitness abilities, it does take three or four rides before you will feel comfortable and confident on the bike.