Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is a fitness activity that appeals to individuals of all ages and fitness abilities and is unlike any other aerobic activity. Indoor cycling is an individually paced, non-competitive group training program. Riders can customize their workout to meet their specific training needs and goals. Each bike is equipped with an adjustable resistance knob allowing riders to work at their own level of intensity within defined target heart rates for specific training goals.


The Spring Session will run from April 7th to June 29th, 2018 and there are a variety of classes to choose from.

12-Week Session


One ride a week in chosen class date and time.


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10-Ride Pack


Available bikes in any class.


1.5-Hour Ride

One 1.5-hour ride a week in the specified date and time.

1.5-Hour Drop In


Available bike in 1.5-Hour class.


Drop In


Available bikes in any class.


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– Ride Types & Class Descriptions –

New to Spinning
A four – week session that will transform you from a novice to an advanced beginner, getting you prepped to ride in any class.
Strength Ride
This ride focuses on higher resistance and a lower cadence to build strength by training your legs and your mind. Heart rate range is 75-85%.
Varied Ride
This ride incorporates a little bit of strength, endurance, and interval techniques into one ride, keeping your heart rate in the range of 65-85% of your maximum.
1.5 - Hour Ride
1.5 – hour ride that allows you to ramp up your road readiness for the next season.
Endurance Ride
This ride focuses on foundation – building, keeping your heart rate in the range of 65-75% of your maximum.
Interval Ride
This ride focuses on boosting your stamina, endurance and capacity to recover quickly from hard efforts. Short bursts of energy will bring your heart rate up to 92% of your maximum, balanced out by segments of recovery at 65%.
Instructor's Choice Ride
This one is a surprise to you, and the choice of the instructor – yahoo!
Race Day Ride
This is what you have been working towards – a full – out exertion to see where you are in your own evolution.